Products Liability / Design Defect

Products Liability / Design Defect

If you have been injured by a product or if you manufactured a product that is the subject of a products liability claim, GOODMAN LAW is here to help. These cases are sometimes referred to as design defects as well. Working on both sides of these cases provides us with a unique perspective that many attorneys do not have. We know what motivates a manufacturer and we know what motivates individuals who have been harmed by a product that they innocently purchased.

There are times when the manufacturer has done something wrong and the victim or his or her family should be compensated. There are also times when manufacturers are falsely accused. Our lives revolve around new and exciting products, and we want to help people and products get along safely. By enforcing everyone’s legal rights, we at GOODMAN LAW hope that the world will be full of more products and that people will be safe.

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