Practice Areas

Practice Areas

At GOODMAN LAW, P.C., we have a General Civil Trial Practice and do nearly every kind of civil case, except for divorces and some select others. 

There are two basic types of law: (1) Civil Law and (2) Criminal Law. We practice Civil Law, which includes situations where you have been injured, have a problem with a contract, or need an attorney to help you protect your private rights. A sum of money, often called damages, is assessed for violations of civil law. 

Our website contains a list of “practice areas” that are illustrative of the types of cases that we often handle. If the exact type of case that you need help with is not listed, please contact us so we can discuss the facts and circumstances of your case to determine whether we are able to assist you.
We attempted to make the list of practice areas as comprehensive as possible, but just as there are billions of people on earth, there are billions of unique legal problems that we may have missed.

Please contact us, even if your specific situation is not listed. If we determine that we are not able to advise or represent you, we can direct you to attorneys who are able to handle your legal matter.

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