Construction Law

Construction Law

If you are involved in a construction project that you are not happy with, please give GOODMAN LAW, P.C. a call. We are here to help homeowners, contractors, product manufacturers, or anyone else who has been involved in a construction project and feels that they wrongly treated.

Construction projects involve large sums of money, multiple parties, and a wide array of laws. At GOODMAN LAW, P.C., we pride ourselves at helping you navigate this maze of relationships. We know that construction projects can be personally important, and can impact lives in a substantial way. We are skilled and ready to help you with issues like:

  • Sinking or collapsing foundations or structures
  • Leaking doors, windows or roofs with water intrusion
  • Soil settling, erosion, runoff and drainage
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Plumbing or insulation failures

Here is an example of a case that we handled:

A City filed a multi-million dollar dispute against a structural design firm and a general contractor. During the litigation, the City's attorney/counsel billed the City approximately $1.8 million in fees and expenses. This $1.8 million "investment" in the litigation by the City's attorney became the key impediment to settling the dispute against the design firm because the City insisted on recouping this $1.8 million in attorney fees in addition to the millions in damages it allegedly suffered.

A Development Agreement provided that a third party (not a named party to the litigation) was responsible for repairing damages and maintaining the structure. Representing the design firm, the attorneys at GOODMAN LAW, P.C. used this Agreement for leverage, resulting in a more vastly modest settlement than the City initially demanded.

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